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Leadership and Partners

President: Fletcher Richman

Fletcher is going to be a Junior in Electrical Engineering this year, and is pursuing a certificate in Engineering Leadership. Recently, he has become interested in entrepreneurship and web development as the founder and lead developer of The College Life Guide, a company started through the CU New Venture Challenge. He is also the secretary for CUEnergy Club, and manages their website, Get in touch with him, he tends to respond to emails way too fast:


Vice President: Zac Wenrick

Zac will be a Junior in Electrical Engineering starting Fall of 2012. He is a California native, and began attending college at Sierra College near his home in Northern California. He also has extensive experience in Civil and Environmental Engineering. His interest in entrepreneurship began at an early age and he is currently developing and tweaking business plans in the Cleantech industry. Aside from entrepreneurship, working in the developing world with Engineers Without Borders is one of his primary career goals. Outside of school and work Zac is a self described outdoorsman, he enjoys Flyfishing, Backpacking, Snowboarding and adventure in general. Get in touch with him at

Engineering Guru: Chris Poulton

Chris is in his third year of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is originally from Iowa and spends a lot of his time trying to convince people that Iowa really does rock. He loves science and building things and believes that what is learned in school and hobbies can be applied to the world of entrepreneurship. Everything we learn helps us to build a better product that can be extremely useful to people. He is also involved in various academic research projects at CU. Outside of school Chris loves the outdoors, hiking, biking, climbing, and just laying in the grass. His email is

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